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Links related to Java 2 Micro Edition

The following URLs are of interest to J2ME programmers.


The following specifications are final:

These specifications are in various stages of approval:

Of course, keep checking the JSR search page to find new specification proposals related to J2ME.


The following J2ME software development kits are available for downloading:

Metrowerks, the creators of the CodeWarrior development tool, are working on a version of CodeWarrior for J2ME. Be sure to check out the CodeWarrior website for more information.

In general, if a device supports a J2ME implementation natively, the vendor of the device has an SDK available, so consult their website to find it.

Discussion Groups

The most active discussion group related to J2ME is the KVM-INTEREST mailing list. You can use the KVM-Interest archives page to join and/or search the list.

Another nice discussion group is the Java 2 Micro Edition forum at the JavaRanch.

Related Sites

As more and more devices start offering J2ME capabilities, expect more and more sites related to J2ME to appear. The following sites are perhaps the most relevant at this time:

Related Software

Here are a few links related to J2ME. For more comprehensive lists, check one of the sites above.

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