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Palm Database Programming — The Electronic Version

Chapter 3: Development Tools and Software Development Kits

This material was published in 1999. See the free Palm OS Programming online course I developed for CodeWarriorU for some updated material.

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The Conduit Development Kit

If you feel inclined to write your own conduits, you can download the Palm Conduit Development Kit (CDK) for free from the Palm Computing Web site at www.palm.com/devzone/conduits.html. The CDK comes in two flavors for Windows (C/C++ or Java) and a single version for the Macintosh (C only). The Windows version requires Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 (for the C/C++ version) or a Java 1.1based development tool (for the Java version).

The CDK includes a tool, CondCfg, for installing and uninstalling conduits. We discuss the tool briefly in Chapter 8 when we discuss installing a conduit for UltraLite data synchronization.

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Copyright ©1999 by Eric Giguere. All rights reserved. From Palm Database Programming: The Complete Developer's Guide. Reprinted here with permission from the publisher. Please see the copyright and disclaimer notices for more details.

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