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Palm Database Programming — The Electronic Version

Chapter 1: Introduction

This material was published in 1999. See the free Palm OS Programming online course I developed for CodeWarriorU for some updated material.

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Expected Background

This book makes the following assumptions about you:

  • You own or have access to a Palm device of some kind and are familiar with its use and terminology. Terms such as HotSync and Graffiti don't confuse you.
  • You have C or C++ programming experience, preferably C++. Although there are alternatives available, C/C++ is still the language of choice for programming the Palm Computing platform. Examples in this book are written in C++.
  • You have experience with an event-driven graphical user interface, whether it's Windows, OS/2, the Macintosh, X Windows, or any other similar system.

Prior experience with databases is not required, although it certainly doesn't hurt.

Most of the non-Palm software that is discussed in this book runs under Microsoft Windows, so it's assumed that you also have access to a PC running Windows. In fact, this book is written from the viewpoint of a Windows programmer making the transition to Palm programming. This isn't meant to exclude anyone, rather it's meant to reflect market realities and what the typical reader has experienced.

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Copyright ©1999 by Eric Giguere. All rights reserved. From Palm Database Programming: The Complete Developer's Guide. Reprinted here with permission from the publisher. Please see the copyright and disclaimer notices for more details.

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