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Google AdWords Tips and Resources

Although I mostly write about Google's AdSense program, that also means I need to understand the Google AdWords program as well. This page is my attempt to collect a set of useful AdWords resources.

Free AdWords Guides

There are many ebooks available about Google AdWords. Most are not free, but there are some good free guides out there, including:

The Only AdWords Affiliate Marketing EBook You'll Ever Need
This is a guide I've started to write about using AdWords to make money via affiliate marketing. Unfinished as of yet, but potentially useful.
The Unofficial Guide To Google's Quality Score
A great guide to how sites can reduce their advertising costs by increasing the quality score of their advertisements.

Free AdWords Tools

As with the ebooks, there are many software tools — online and downloadable — that are useful for AdWords advertisers. Here are some free ones:

AdWords Keyword Tool
This tool for AdWords customers is also available for free to anyone who wants to do some keyword research using Google's extensive search data. Here you can find out monthly search volumes and estimated ad costs for almost any keyphrase you can think of.
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